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How Do I Apply For TTC?

Thank you for wanting to apply for the TTC. The application process is arranged in a series of simple steps as explained below.
You must have a valid email address in order to apply!
1)Click on the “Create new account” link on top right of this screen and fill in all the details. Your registration request will be forwarded to the recommending teacher for confirmation.

2) You should get an email confirmation as soon as the recommending teacher approves your registration. This confirmation email will contain the login details to login and complete your TTC application. You login and completely
fill-in all the sections of the application and click on the Apply for TTC menu to choose the applicable TTC and apply for it.

3)Your application will pass through various stages of assessment and if you are selected you will receive an email from the TTC Desk. You can also login and see if you are selected.

Visit: http://www.ttcdesk. com/
Jai Gurudev!

Brijit Dighe, TTC Desk Office


Limited seats open again for ASHTAVAKRA GITA (in Hindi) directly by Guruji

Dear Ones,

Jai Gurudev!

Bangalore Ashram team is happy to announce series of much awaited special commentaries on the ASHTAVAKRA GITA (in Hindi) directly by Guruji.

Now that ashram is fully booked and ashram is getting numerous enquiries for ASHTAVAKRA GITA and accommodation, Ashram team has blocked a resort (about 4 KMs away from ashram) to accommodate devotees.

The Ashtavakra Gita : The most unique conversation that has ever taken place on this earth…H.H.Sri Sri Ravishankarji

The Ashtavakra Gita documents the unveiling of the highest knowledge in the form of a dialogue between the sage Ashtavakra and the wise King Janaka many thousands of years ago. It is one of the most profound discourses that exists. H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shows how, step-by-step, King Janaka is taken to deeper levels of understanding and how we too can apply this knowledge to our own lives.

Package includes:

ü Morning Group Sadhana (Yoga Asanas, Sudarshan kriya & Meditation)

ü After breakfast suitable seva (based on requirement & skill of the participant)

ü Special commentaries on Ashtavakara Gita (in Hindi) by Guruji

ü Noon meditation by 12.00 noon

ü Evening Satsang with Guruji

ü And you can take optional Ayurveda treatments (additional charges applicable)

ü Attend Rudra Puja (Every Monday, 7AM) with Guruji

ü Attend Devi Puja (Every Friday) with Guruji

ü Optional Part I, Part II, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, Week End Yoga retreat etc

üMorning pickup from hotel to ashram by 5.30 AM. Drop to hotel from ashram after evening satsang (by 9.30 PM from ashram). Meeting point is at ashram travel desk (in front of ashram main reception). In between travel services are not available

Contributions for resident
Indian nationals (Inclusive of food at ashram dining hall, one month accommodation outside ashram in a resort (about 4 KMs from ashram),Transport, Morning Sadhana, group meditations & Pujas)

Room Sharing (number of people per room)

Contribution per person, Rs

Total Number of beds available

2 Sharing-30000- 16 only

3 sharing- 28000-33 only

4 sharing- 25000-44 only

Dormitory (More than 6 people)
22000- 29 only

Online payment facility will be closed on first come first served basis. Limited seats are available.

Earliest Check in : May 19th Evening, 2010. Latest Checkout : June 19th Evening, 2010

Ashram housing is fully booked for course participants & general stay will not be available.

Mode of Registration: Anyone can pay through online http://vvmvp. org/UpcomingCour seEvents/ courseevents/ tabid/90/ Default.aspx using credit card.

Important Contacts / emails:

1. General Information on Ashram. Email: Tel : +91-80-28432273/ 4

2.Airport & Railway station pickup /drop services (on chargeable
basis). Email: Tel: +91-80-26080256, 32923423.
Bulk pickup facility is available from ashram.

3. Housing queries. Email: housing@vvmvp. org. Tel:+91-80-26080204 /219

4. For any questions or clarifications, please email courses@vvmvp. org

We look forward to hosting you all.

|| Jai Gurudev ||

Events Team.
Bangalore Ashram

Mega Malayalam Course at Bangalore Ashram(30th Apr-2nd May,2010)

Bangalore Ashram is organizing a Mega Malayalam Part I Course!


For details about Art of Living Part 1 Course,Visit

Course details are as follows:

Start Date:             30 Apr., 2010
End Date:              02 May, 2010
Reporting Date:      29 Apr., 2010

Fees:                    Rs. 4000/-
Age:                     Above18

Be a part of this & let us together make a difference.

Sanghachhadvam! ( Let us move together)

For details:+919034697279 or


Jai Gurudev!!

The Talent Club is being revived under the aegis of VVKI by the blessings of GURUJI.

TALENT Club-The Art of Living Education to Nurture Talent.

TALENT club has a wonderful programme which aims at imparting value based learning and also brings about a personality development in the child. It provides a platform to nurture and bring out children’s talents

This programme is spread over 24 sessions with each session for about 3 hrs every week. In the summer this can be organized as a TALENT camp for two or three weeks, covering the 24 sessions.

This TTC is open to all volunteers who have done 2 Advanced courses or 1 Advanced course and DSN and can dedicate themselves to working with specific age groups from children between 8-13 years, 14-18 years, youth, adults, and the elderly, in the age group of 58-80years.

An all India, four and a half day Talent Club TTC has been organized at the Bangalore Ashram from 24th April 2010 to 28th April 2010. This enables those interested to stay on for the advanced course which happens from Thursday 29th 2010 to Sunday 2nd May 2010.

The Talent club course fee along with course material, food, and accommodation (a five sharing room) will be Rs. 2500/-. Registrations are open from 6th April 2010.

Registrations can be made online or by sending a DD in favour of Veda Vigyan Maha Vidya Peeth, payable at Bangalore, before 21st April 2010.

For any queries, please contact sheelaashok82@ or call on 9980767906. or +919034697279

Mega Malayalam Part 1 Course @ Bangalore Ashram


Art of Living Part I Course brings to our experience that life is truly beautiful! The Sudarshan Kriya, is a powerful energizer and cleanser, while the knowledge discussed on the course, presents life?s deepest secrets in a language that is easily understood. Life is much more than our innumerable habitual daily routines

Course details are as follows:

Start Date:             30 Apr., 2010
End Date:              02 May, 2010
Reporting Date:      29 Apr., 2010

Fees:                    Rs. 4000/-
Age:                     Above18

Be a part of this & let us together make a difference.

Jai Gurudev!!

For details:+919034697279 or

April,May& June Schedule for Art Excel Courses @ Bangalore Ashram

All Round Training in Excellence – ART Excel

The ART Excel course improves children’s overall health, memory and concentration, inspires them to be more joyful, creative and have a sense of belonging, and inculcates compassion, friendliness and altruism towards others.

This course, while covering every aspect of their development, provides children with practical tools to deal with stress associated with modern life.

It nurtures human values, helps them overcome their fears and inhibitions and builds self-confidence, leading to a self discovery of latent talents and development of their natural aptitude. The ART Excel course is a four day residential course in the Ashram, for children from 7 to 13 years of age.

Course fee for Art Excel : Rs 2000

Art Excel Course Dates

25-Mar-10 to 28-Mar-10

1-Apr-10 to 4-Apr -10

8-Apr-10 to 11-Apr-10

15-Apr-10 to 18-Apr-10

22-Apr-10 to 25-Apr-10

29-Apr-10 to 2-May-10

6-May-10 to 9-May-10

13-May-10 to 16-May-10

Below Art Excel are only for the respective states mentioned happening along with respective states AMC (Advance Meditation Course with Guruji)-


20-May-10 to 23-May-10

West Bengal, Jharkhand, North East, Gujarat

26-May-10 to 29-May-10

UP, Bihar, Delhi, Uttrakhand, RJ Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra

2-Jun-10 to 5-Jun-10

MP, Chartisgarh, Orissa, Maharastra(500)

9-Jun-10 to 12-Jun-10

Punjab, Haryana,Chandigarh,HP,J&K

15-Jun-10 to 18-Jun-10

Reporting – Course start date previous day evening.

Departure – last day evening of the course or next day morning.

Venue –The Art of Living International Centre, your home away from home.

The campus featuring five hills and a beautiful lake, takes you far from the hustle and bustle of urban chaos. The ashram is one of the most ideal locations for a quiet and peaceful retreat. Rest and rejuvenate the mind and body in the best way possible at Ashram’s serene and beautiful environment. Come and have the real and royal experience of silence at Ashram’s serene and beautiful environment. The enchanting environs and the invigorating schedule is sure to do wonders for anyone.

For details:+919034697279 or

Teachers’ Training Course (TTC) Schedule

Jai Gurudev!

Teachers’ Training Course is a program wherein Art of Living devotees who want to spread Knowledge and Meditation techniques given by Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, come and stay in the Ashram and learn to teach.

It is a profound experience to become the instrument of the Divine.

TTCs 21 days, 15 days Phase 2, 8 days Yes+, Yes, Art Excel, etc.

Application Requirement :

TTC Applications are to be sent through website only

The last date of submission of applications at TTC Desk Office, Bangalore Ashram : 13th June 2010

The last date of submission of applications at State Apex Offices (for India) : 27th May 2010


Please note :

1. Medical Certificate is MUST for TTC.

2. Application forms without proper / recent passport size photo and full length photo will not be accepted. State Apex office need not forward any Applications without proper details.

3. Seva / Activity Report (approved by Part1 Teacher) is MUST for TTC.

4. If candidates have already done TTC Phase1 then they must fill up details of TTC Phase1 in appropriate fields.

5. International Candidates need to send Applications through their Country Co-ordinators on (We will not accept scanned Applications through email). If Applications are sent late, they will be kept for Next TTC program.

6. Candidates will not be allowed to participate in TTC if they come without the Invitation Letter.

7. State Apex Body office / Teachers Co-ordinator should ensure that the applications are sent before last date of submission.

8. Indian candidates MUST have savings bank account in one of these banks : ICICI / SBI / HDFC / AXIS / Canara (Account in affiliated banks is not acceptable)

9. Indian candidates MUST have PAN card or should have applied for it before sending application

10. TTC Phase 2 is only for existing Art of Living Teachers (Part1 / Art Excel / YES / YES+ / Eternity)


21 Days TTC

New Candidates as well as those who had done TTC Phase1 or who want to do Phase3

28th July to 17th Aug

arrival: 27th July

dep:18th Aug

15 Days TTC Ph2 (Part1)

Only for existing Art Excel / YES / YES+ / Eternity Teachers

3rd Aug to 17th Aug

arrival:2nd Aug

dep:18th Aug

15 Days TTC Ph2 (Art Excel / YES)

Only for existing Part1 / YES+ Teachers

3rd Aug to 17th Aug

arrival:2nd Aug

dep:18th Aug
8 Days YES+ TTC

Only for existing Part1 Teachers

10th Aug to 17th Aug

arrival 9th Aug

dep:18th Aug

Start Time: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at 6:00am
End Time: Monday, August 16, 2010 at 6:00pm
Location: Art of Living International centre, Vishalakshi Mantap, 21km, Kanakapura Road,City/Town:Bangalore, India

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